ACTOR / PRODUCER / WRITER - CEO, Head of Creative Development

 Annalisa is an actor, producer & writer, where her history in the business has revolved around fringe theatre productions. Annalisa’s vision for storylines and a penchant for small detail is a rich additive to the company’s strategic future.

 In 2004, Annalisa co-founded ‘Actor's Coming Together’, an initiative aimed at actors to help hone their skills with other actors and professionals. In doing so, she garnered the support of the Fremantle TV Institute, a long standing film college aimed at developing directors. This provided a unique open door opportunity for both Annalisa and the FTI giving both their group of students opportunities to work closely together.

“I couldn't believe what I had started. I was really making a difference in the lives of some actors, creating opportunities for roles on film school projects and keeping their dreams alive”.

 In 2005, Annalisa travelled to the USA (Los Angeles) for a year, chasing answers to her acting urges and gaining much knowledge of the expectations required to be a success in the business.

 2009 became a huge year for the pro-active and self motivated, co-producing and starring in a short film 'DENOUEMENT' which went on to be a success winning several film awards including BEST DRAMA and BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM ACHIEVEMENT to name a couple. We found time when we had none, we found money when it was needed most and we really pulled off a big one. This film was the cherry on the pie, helping Annalisa understand even further the real meaning of dedication to a single film project. The challenges the short film created were enormous considering the scale of the production.

As Co-Head of Creative Development, Annalisa's vision to story creation is new and fresh. She is a hard working, goal oriented individual providing much needed creative support to help this venture go places necessary to achieve outcomes.

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