At this stage, it is Ellish Productions Pty Ltd's policy NOT to accept any sort of unsolicited material. The contact form below is a contact form, not a form for the submission of creative works or ideas. We wish to avoid the possibility of future confusions whereby your ideas may be similar to those we are developing, or our affiliates have developed independently. Therefore, we regretfully request that you do not send us any creative materials which include, but is not limited to, stories, character ideas, treatments, scripts or screenplays, book ideas or original artwork (classed as an "Unsolicited Submission").

Although we appreciate your efforts in this creative process to obtain work, we will not be liable for anything you submit to us, nor will we be liable or responsible for the security of your submission. We will however, delete and disregard submissions without delay, to ensure the best level of safety possible for your email, and to protect us from any future misunderstanding. We are not responsible for the actions of an individual, group of individuals, or company on behalf of an individual/s, that does not comply with this disclaimer.


If you want to contact us, please do so using the below email link. We will endeavour to reply to your email as soon as we can. Thank you!

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