ACTOR / PRODUCER / WRITER - CEO, Head of Creative Development

 Elliott is the other driving force in the company. His long history in baseball along with his high level of devotion and drive gives him an even edgier perspective to the acting and filmmaking game. Elliott's baseball took him to the USA in 2002 and 2003/04. He turned his back on baseball and turned his attention to acting upon his return from the USA in 2004.

 A chance film producing venture at the end of 2008 went into production in March 2009 and a short film called 'DENOUEMENT' was born. This project was self funded and was really the turning point of Elliott's devotion to this craft and the film business. The film of around 20 minutes has to date garnered several awards including BEST DRAMA, BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM ACHIEVEMENT, BEST SOUNDTRACK, AN ACHIEVEMENT ACCOLADE and an HONORABLE MENTION at several film festivals in the USA.

 Elliott's acting credits include many respectable film and TV productions (including commercial work), and more recently he has completed work on HOME & AWAY, CROWNIES (ABC), DEADLY WOMEN (USA), BEHIND MANSION WALLS(CIA) and Baz Luhrmanns blockbuster film, THE GREAT GATSBY set for release late 2012.

 For the last 12 months, Elliott has been setting his sights on writing and developing a few feature film ideas, aswell as TV and web based projects alongside Annalisa Pansini. One feature will be based on their short film 'Denouement' and a first draft screenplay is in progress. The team are setting high standards on this project. Being their first one, much needed steps are taking place to ensure the feature maintains a professional standing in the film market place.

 The enthusiasm, devotion, drive, courage under fire and strong will at the core of Elliott will provide a firm standing for the future of Ellish Productions. As Co-Head of Creative Development, the newly developing projects will provide a new grounding of professionalism needed for a successful venture.

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