On Debut Producing and Writing First TV Pilot
Friday, 13th September, 2013
 5 years ago, Annalisa had a great idea for a TV Show that was based on the work she does in corporate credit. 5 years on and the team at Ellish Productions have written the pilot episode for what we now refer to the project as "CorporateDEITIES". Elliott has been the driving force behind the script development and so far the pilot is looking incredible. Now in the early stages of pre-production, the pilot will start filming in early 2014. It will star Olivia Solomons, Neveen Hanna and our own, Annalisa Pansini. Elliott will be looking at directing the project with Casimir Dickson in the camera chair as DOP. More info can be found on our Official Facebook page here. Please LIKE our page and support our venture.

Ellish Producing First 2 Film Projects
Friday, 1st March, 2013
 Ellish Productions have officially broken the seal of approval with Filmstreet Productions adding 2 feature films to their producing credits slate, "The Juggler" (IMDb) & "Isolation". Both of the films are written by Peter Foldy (IMDb) who will also be directing them here in Australia. Details will be released when they become available. Keep checking back.

UPDATE: November, 2013: Ellish Productions will no longer be producing and representing "The Juggler" written by Peter Foldy. We will, however, be teaming up with Peter Foldy and Filmstreet in the 2014 New Year, so we look forward to sharing that info with you then.

Revelations First Draft Completed
Friday, 4th May, 2012
 It seems like yesterday that Revelations was a bunch of messy notes with a big dream of making the story into a feature film, not to mention seeing ourselves on the red carpet and winning awards. That time was almost 2 years ago. We read many 'How To..' books and articles, not to mention the many hours spent understanding the process of screenwriting. We are story tellers, not scriptwriters! So, here started a search for a professional writer that saw our vision for this process. We had a couple of offers from very respected writers in the film industry, but always for a price. We didn't have the thousands needed to produce a finished screenplay let alone development money that could take care of the demands of any developing project. Our vision for Revelations was simple. Create a quality first time project that Hollywood will love. And then, we found a writer who saw our vision exactly, right in our backyard so to speak. So, we haven't looked back.

Ellish Productions Becomes The Real Deal
Thursday, 8th March, 2012
 Ellish Productions has become a company.

 With much forsight, our next step in this venture will be to get our first film 'Revelations' off the ground and into production the best way possible. It's a killer concept and for our first dedicated feature film, it is turning into a monster of a screenplay. Much hard work and dedication to late nights have been spent to go half speed on it now. We will not be cutting corners to just get the job done either. The film deserves much more tact and responsible filmmaking than that. A respect! What we are looking to achieve with 'Revelations' are a set of standards that Ellish Productions can feel proud of and work from in future projects. Taking these necessary first steps will be the crucial set up needed to be a successful professional production company looking to create quality pieces of film history in the future.

It Was Just A Short Film Man
Saturday, 11th February, 2012
 It was just a short film man! Jeez.... This term has been thrown around a ton lately regarding a short film we produced called 'DENOUEMENT'. The past 6 months has been an eye opening experience for us and in turn corroded away some parts of us that were indefensible. In essence though, these experiences have blossomed a new wealth of knowledge and seemingly an experience you can't pay for. In order to achieve what we have achieved so far, you need to see what we saw. Our path in the beginning was inevitably as futile as the expectations we set ourselves when we began the venture in the first place. The misconception we all have about what we set out to achieve can never be won by simply saying to yourself you can do it. It takes a greater desire and a greater devotion to a whole conceptual idea, and the choice you make in following through to achieving your goal is what is most remarkable. Otherwise, what's the point spending your energy and losing your friends on it. That in itself is a futile act.


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