Revelations First Draft Completed  
Friday, 4th May, 2012

 It seems like yesterday that Revelations was a bunch of messy notes with a big dream of making the story into a feature film, not to mention seeing ourselves on the red carpet and winning awards. That time was almost 2 years ago. We read many 'How To..' books and articles, not to mention the many hours spent understanding the process of screenwriting. We are story tellers, not scriptwriters! So, here started a search for a professional writer that saw our vision for this process. We had a couple of offers from very respected writers in the film industry, but always for a price. We didn't have the thousands needed to produce a finished screenplay let alone development money that could take care of the demands of any developing project. Our vision for Revelations was simple. Create a quality first time project that Hollywood will love. And then, we found a writer who saw our vision exactly, right in our backyard so to speak. So, we haven't looked back.

 The only way we believe we can compete, is to forget what others are doing and stay focused on our direction and how we want ot achieve success. As gruelling and demanding this part of development on any film project is you just have to get it done.

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